Kewsi Mann

Kewsi Mann

kewsi_biography_photoKewsi Mann
P&A Imaging Chief Executive Office
Lead Photographer









Kewsi Mann is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of P&A Imaging since January 1994. Based out of Detroit, Michigan, Mann started P&A Imaging with the mission of creating quality imagery and branding for commercial enterprises. He has been involved in the profession of photography for over 22 years in various capacities.

As a commercial photographer Mann is well adept at capturing any subjects from food, interior design and people.

Mann’s intensive study at the College of Creative Studies has infused him with a deep knowledge of design, staging and lighting. With his belief that “images are created not taken” man employees all modern technique to its best advantage.

His marketing background provides him with the technical savvy necessary to provide extraordinary commercial and personal imagery for his clients. In addition, Mann’s keen artist's eye finds the essence of every subject he photographs. With works spanning the nation, his studio’s Images and work ethics have earned a reputation as the go-to studio throughout Metro Detroit.

Mann holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree with a specialization in Commercial Photography from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. P&A Imaging is located in Detroit’s Island View Community.

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