Schools & Yearbook Program

Schools & Yearbook Program

Stress-Free Picture Day: Picture day should be a fun, easy experience. We will determine your specific needs, and then assigning adequate staff to your picture day. You can be assured your event will run smoothly and on schedule. Great Pricing: We always have an inexpensive package available, as well as separate class composites. Full Line of Service Items: Yearbooks and School Management CDs, ID Cards, Group & Activity Photos, and any other photography product you may need. Our expertise is in running a smooth picture day and capturing great expressions. Every image printed receives the same individual processing by a skilled technician. Our promise includes:  

  • Traditional and Customized Background Available
  • Pose Selection - On picture day, each child is photographed at least 3 or 4 times. This assures a great expression for everyone. Only the best pose is selected.
  • Colors - All tones are balanced for vibrant hues that are super crisp and pop.
  • Contrast & Brightness ~ Just like color, proper light-dark balance is crucial for sharp prints.
  • Centering - Each image is adjusted by hand, then cropped for perfect head size and centering. No batch processing, which often leads to off-centered or tilted pictures.
  • Print Assurance - Each print is fully inspected, and guaranteed to be perfect and free of defects.

Picture days at every school, no matter the enrollment, have one thing in common; each photograph is a simple process. Large schools are simply a matter of performing this process repetitively. Keeping this in mind, Simple Smiles Photography carries out a number of steps in a precise manner. The first step happens long before Picture Day:

Specific School Information is Determined: We work with your school to put together a plan that satisfies your schools specific photography needs. Taking into account your requirements for your Yearbook, Group Photos, and other service items assures we won't miss a picture.

Stress-Free Picture Day - Having a no hassle picture day is simply a matter of staying on schedule. We'll always have an appropriate number of photographers and assistants assigned to your school. Our assistants help keep things moving. Teachers usually comment on how quickly we get our job done.

Patient, Efficient Photographers - With our assistants directing the flow of activity, our photographers don't have to be 'traffic managers', so they can do what they do best, capturing great images.

Order Accuracy - Our state of the art data entry system eliminates nearly all human error in postproduction. Coupled with a clean, reader-friendly order form, parents receive precisely what they ordered.

Fast Delivery - Picture packages are always delivered within 2-3 weeks of picture day. Each class is bundled separately to make the distribution easy.

Yearbook Program - P&A Imaging is not just another photographic studio, but a partner that provides educational opportunities for your students to learn the skill of journalism and photojournalism.  By establishing a partnership we can help to fulfill your schools photographic needs. We can help establish your school’s Yearbook Club and develop your student’s skills for publishing your yearbook.  

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